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InStyle Asks Dr. Green – Can You Get Lice From Eyelash Extensions? spoke with various dermatologists to ask the question “Can You Really Get Lice from Eyelash Extensions?”

instyle magazine

With ABC news recently reporting that optometrists are seeing a rise in eyelash lice (Demodex) among people with eyelash extensions, it has become a common question. Symptoms can include redness, itchiness, and of course, lice.

But how can it be avoided? InStyle asked Dr. Michele Green, who noted that “It’s important to properly and regularly cleanse the area once you get eyelash extensions. This won’t necessarily prevent lice completely, however, it will definitely make it harder for any bacteria to grow.”

She also mentions that lice can be transferred from the combs, towels and applicators used to apply extensions, so it’s important to pick the right salon in the first place.


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