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Huffington Post: Are Nail Salon Manicures or Pedicures Clean & Safe

Fiona Tapp of Huffington Post asks dermatologists about how safe and clean nail salons are, along with what to look out for when going to one. For example, Dr. Michele Green mentioned in the article that “There are lots of possible infections that lurk inside the foot basin, including bacteria, fungi and wart viruses” and “If you get an infection following a pedicure, you should consult your dermatologist, since the area may need to be drained and you may need to be put on oral antibiotics.”

Clean is always key, as you may be at risk for a “paronychia infection”, which affects the nail bed and can be painful. The infection can also accompanied by tender, red skin and pus-filled blisters and can even leave a scar.

Always make sure to check and see if everything is clean and tidy with “clearly designated places for used tools and equipment to be disinfected” and if you are not sure about a new place, always ask to see the staff’s state licenses or certificates.

Also watch out for places that over-cut cuticles. “When your cuticles are pushed back or cut too aggressively it leaves the skin vulnerable to infection,” Dr. Green explained. Cut cuticles also grow back harder, creating a vicious cycle of unnecessary treatment, she added. Find out this and more in the full article featuring Dr. Green at

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