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It’s been hot and humid in the NYC area the past few days (and for that matter the next few days) too, but its something we all need to be aware of. Dr. Michele Green was featured in women’s lifestyle magazine/website HelloGiggles the other day about this, noting that “common signs of heat stroke are a high body temperature, a lack of sweat or an abundance of sweat, confusion, aggression, agitation, trouble walking, a pounding headache, reddening of your skin, an elevated heart rate, and trouble breathing.”

Stay cool.  Even if you love the summer heat, always play it safe, because heat is the most dangerous weather hazard out there, in fact heat kills more people each year than any other weather hazard, including tornadoes, lightning, & floods (source: National Weather Service).

Dr. Green also mentions that “consuming Gatorade, coconut water, or other electrolyte-infused water can help replenish electrolytes lost from excessive sweating.”  Preventing dehydration is key to staying safe through the summer months.  Read the full article at

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