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Buzzfeed Discusses 17 Seemingly Harmless Bathroom Habits With Dr. Green


Dr. Green is featured in Buzzfeed once more, with some advice on the 17 Seemingly Harmless Bathroom Habits That Are Actually Disgusting.

For example: Unless it has holes in it, keeping your soap in a dish is not ideal – as keeping one side of the soap wet makes it “literally just a petri dish for germs to grow.

The shower is a breeding ground for germs too, for instance “dirty shower curtains can also harbor yeast and fungus, which can cause infections if the curtain comes in contact with exposed skin”. Bleach can help remove the mold on shower curtains, otherwise it may be time to replace them. While you are at it, you may want to get rid of the Loofah – “It accumulates germs, bacteria, and mildew like a nasty old kitchen sponge, but it’s just less obvious,” says Green. That means germs from your own body plus any that it picks up from the surfaces in the shower. And all that loofah-ing with bacteria can be a major cause of body acne, says Dr. Michele Green

Leaving your razors in the shower or using that razor too many times is not ideal either, as it’s always smarter to replace a razor after three to five uses, says Green. (Which means using a new disposable razor or replacing the blades.) Not only can the razor rust and get covered in germs like staph, but a dull razor is more likely to cut the skin or cause ingrown hairs which increase the risk of infection. Not good.

Find out this and more, and no longer go a month without scrubbing the bathroom floor.

View the rest of the list – and several comments from Dr. Green on:

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