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HelloGiggles Talks to Dr. Green About Snail Mucin as a Beauty Secret

HelloGiggles have discussed with Dr. Green one of the latest ingredients to hit the beauty market shelves, snail mucin. This ingredient has been popular in South Korea for a while and is now making an appearance in the U.S.A. Apparently, snail mucin contains growth factors that can help with cell regrowth and healing.

snail mucin - image source: pexels

In the article Dr. Green discusses that the best approach is to find products with a high level of secretion filtrate which are then also combined with other ingredients, such as antioxidants retinol and vitamin C.

Learn more about snail mucin at HelloGiggles, in the article: “Snail Slime Is K-Beauty’s Secret to a Clear Complexion, and It’s Dermatologist-Approved“.

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