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Haute Beauty Press With Dr. Green on Acne Treatments

Acne is an issues that affects a lot of people and is something that most people are keen to get rid of. The trouble is, there are a number of different causes of acne so finding a product or treatment that works can be difficult. Worse still, if acne is left unchecked in some cases it can cause scarring which can remain long after the acne has cleared up. So this means treating acne when it develops is a priority.

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Haute Beauty have interviewed Dr. Green to get her advice on the best way to treat acne. Dr. Green has years of experience of successfully helping patients get rid of their acne and acne scars, this article covers some of the common ways it can be treated that are suitable for most individuals.

Read the full article, “How To Choose The Right Acne Treatment According NYC Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green

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