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Dr. Michele Green was featured in April 2018’s issue of Modern Aesthetic, in the article “Thermage FLX: A New Advancement for Tissue Tightening” where a couple of doctors were interviewed about the new Thermage FLX.

The biggest difference, is that the new one is faster. “FLX completes the treatment in an hour,” Dr. Green mentions. “It’s much more comfortable because of the new cryogen device,” Dr. Green notes. “Not that the other one hurt, because it really didn’t, but this one’s more comfortable than the other.”

What makes the difference with the new Thermage FLX, is the new AccuREP technology which “automatically measures and tunes the amount of energy delivered to the patient in the treatment, so you know that you’re getting the right amount each time” and the results look natural.

Dr. Green also discusses common locations for using Thermage, as well as combinations such as the use of Fraxel with Thermage – noting that “I find that if you do a Thermage/Fraxel combination where you’re reducing pigmentation, sun damage, and fine lines with the Fraxel, the results are outstanding. That’s because they’ve done the Thermage tightening and they’ve done the Fraxel to work on the epidermal changes. I pair that often with some kind of neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport and some kind of filler.”

In addition to that, she talks about her favorite combinations with Thermage, such as Kybella and/or CoolSculpting for the actual submental fat. “Then after they’ve finished that and gotten the desired result, I treat the entire base of the neck with Thermage. It’s my signature, I call it the Lunchtime Lift.”

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