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Do Face Masks Actually Work – Dr. Green Featured in Bustle

Face masks have gained popularity and variety in recent years, but Bustle magazine was set to find out if face masks even do anything in the first place. So they interviewed Dr. Green and a few other dermatologists about them.

Dr. Michele Green mentions “there are a lot of masks that try to sell a lot of formulas that don’t necessarily work any better than a simple clay mask or hydrating mask.” From mud masks – “Mud is a skin-healing agent and is water-based, so the product in mask form is more hydrating than drying. It is good for most skin types as it is not as drying as a clay mask,” Dr. Green explains, to clay masks – “Clay masks are great for acne prone oily skin as the clay draws out the impurities from deep in the pores.” Find out what works and what doesn’t.

Dr. Green talks about cream masks and how they can hydrate your skin, along with the recent popularity of sheet masks. Find out more and read the full interview at:

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