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Dr. Michele Green was quoted in Healthday today in an article where a 13-year-old girl who has been without hair on her scalp since the age of 2 has seen significant regrowth ever since taking a drug meant to help ease her eczema, doctors say.

The condition is known as “alopecia totalis” – and this along with her eczema, required weekly injections of the drug dupilumab (brand name Dupixent) to treat her eczema.

The hair growth seems tied to the drug, however while this is quite intriguing overall, it is preliminary and other factors do need to be taken into account. “More research is needed to show if this drug or other biologics will grow hair,” said Dr. Michele Green. “It is possible that this immune mechanism may be the key to treating patients with alopecia areata and unlocking the treatment for this mysterious autoimmune disease.”

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