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Haute Living discusses PRP with Dr. Green in “Rejuvenate Your Hair With PRP.”

She talks about how PRP hair treatment is an excellent non-surgical alternative to treating hair loss. Along with the newest PRP variations such as PRP with A-Cell and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). Dr. Green also discusses each step of PRP as well as new alternatives to PRP for hair rejuvenation. In the case of PRP though, she recommends four consecutive monthly treatments of PRP injections followed by maintenance treatments every four to six months moving forward. View various PRP treatment facts and figures.

In addition to PRP Hair Treatment, the interview talks about Dr. Green’s most popular fall season treatments such as Fraxel, Thermage, Clear + Brilliant and Microneedling with PRP and of course a touch up of Botox and Juvederm always helps too.

Find out more about this and how to rejuvenate your hair with PRP, as well as other top treatment options as well as a holiday recommendation for next summer perhaps – at Haute Living:

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