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Dr. Green Talks About Recent FDA Sunscreen Study News

US News and World Report were one of many news sources to talk about recent findings in “Sunscreen Chemicals Enter Bloodstream at Potentially Unsafe Levels: Study” where new U.S. FDA / Food and Drug Administration data reveals chemicals in sunscreens are absorbed into the human body at levels high enough to raise concerns about potentially toxic effects.

However, this does not mean one should stop using sunscreen. Dr. Michele Green was quoted in the article – “I think it’s confusing” and “we really don’t know what that means in terms of human health. I would not want people to stop using sunscreen based on this one study.”

The FDA study had 24 adults apply either a sunscreen spray, lotion or cream four times a day for four days and to three quarters of their body surface, then the agency drew 30 blood samples from each participant over a week to see whether the chemicals in the sunscreen got absorbed through the skin. It discovered that levels of oxybenzone, avobenzone, octocrylene and ecamsule increased in the bloodstream after sunscreen use.

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