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Does Kim Kardashians Cleavage & Breast Taping Trick Actually Work?


Buzzfeed released an article over the weekend where Nina Mohan and the team at Buzzfeed tested out Kim Kardashian’s secret to enhancing cleavage with a roll of gaffer tape. The general consensus….? It actually does work. But it hurts!

Dr. Green was interviewed for her medical opinion on this study and how safe this process is (spoiler alert, it hurts!). The tape “could potentially be irritating depending on how sensitive your skin is and how long you leave the tape on. The longer you leave it on and the more sensitive, the more it can irritate it.”

Will it leave permanent damage on your skin though? Probably not, but that’s no guarantee. Irritations can occur, and “if you have dark skin and get very irritated you could potentially get hyperpigmentation which might last months and be difficult to treat.”

Find out more about the results of the Kim Kardashian breast taping trick experiment (and actually Kylie Jenner has articles about similar ways of enhancing cleavage prior) at:

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