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Couple Gets Hookworm Infection On Vacation at Beach in Dominican Republic

You may have heard recently about the Canadian couple, Katie Stephens and her boyfriend, Eddie Zytner. The couple recently went on vacation in the Dominican Republic, but their visit to the beach brought long lasting memories – and for the wrong reason. BuzzFeed interviewed Dr. Michele Green to discuss how this could even happen in the first place as well as an overall article that notates what to look out for.

For example, “you might feel a slight itch or see a rash but most people think it’s a mosquito bite or a blister from their shoes at first, so it’s easy to miss at first — but in a few days, it can become very painful.” In addition to that, the area will create red, squiggly raised lines that look like snakes.

Luckily, the infection is also easy to treat within a day or two. “Anthelminthics are drugs that rid the body of worms, like Ivermectin, and are widely available in most countries,” Green says.

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