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The Possible Connection Between Psoriasis & Mental Illness

Dr. Green was interviewed in a HealthDay article about Psoriasis, which is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease that is often coupled with depression, anxiety and even bipolar disease, schizophrenia and dementia, based on a couple of new studies from Danish researches and Korean researches which looked at over 25,000 people.

Higher anxiety, neurotic disorders and sleep problems “doubled and tripled among psoriasis sufferers compared to those without the disease.” However, neither research study is able to fully prove the link and so further research may be required.

“Patients who are anxious or depressed are common to what I’ve seen in my practice,” said Dr. Michele Green. “They’ve got this disease that is literally taking over their skin, and they have anxiety about it and depression.”
Dr. Green believes psoriasis triggers the depression and anxiety, but she said it’s also known that stress and other mental problems can trigger immune diseases like psoriasis.

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