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Dr. Green discusses cellulite with LiveScience at

“Basically, cellulite is fat found just beneath the surface of the skin that’s bulging out through a web of connective tissue” says Dr. Green and “When you’re young, that connective tissue, made up largely of a protein called collagen, holds the fat in, but as you age, the fat begins to stick out through the tissue”.

However, what causes it? What influences when it shows up? Dr. Green looks at differences between men and women, its correlation (or lack thereof) with weight and age and the fact that while fat can be removed, Cellulite can not. Like a wrinkle, something like a dermal filler can help “puff up the area, making the wrinkle less visible, but it’s not permanent”.

Find out more and read the full article where Sara Miller from Live Science interviews Dr. Green.

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