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Better Homes & Gardens Explore Self Tanning With Dr. Green

For a long time, if you wanted that “bronzed” look the only option was hitting the beach or the tanning salon. However, this kind of exposure to UV is bad for the skin, at best aging it prematurely and at worse, potentially causing cancer. This is something to avoid and wearing high factor sun block or avoiding the sun altogether is the solution to this. However, what if you still want that bronzed look? The good news is that there are plenty of products out on the market that can help with this but without the dangers of UV light.

summer sun - image source pexels

Better Homes & Gardens have talked to Dr. Green to learn more about the dangers of UV exposure and to explore how self tanning drops might be the solution to achieving bronzed skin.

Check out the article where Dr. Green is featured, “Self-Tanning Drops Are My Secret to a Bronzed Complexion All Year Long

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