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Beautiful Skin, Expert Advice With Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green in Parents Magazine”

“In Parents magazine New York dermatologist Michele S. Green, MD, gives advice to women who want to achieve more beautiful skin. A reader writes that her child’s beautiful young skin makes her want to take better care of her own – and wants to know what she should do to protect her skin from now on.”

“Dr. Green notes that her child’s limited exposure to the sun is one of the reasons her skin is beautiful. My best advice, says Dr. Green, is to help prevent further damage to your own skin by using a sunblock ever morning – and a retinol, alpha or glycolic acid cream at bedtime to help minimize any sun damage that has already occurred.”

Dr. Green has developed a line of excellent skin care products for her patients. Take care of your skin at all ages with gentle solutions from MGSkinLabs

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