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Are Gelatin Gummies from Places Like Olly, VitaFusion and HUM Nutrition Good For You?


Dr. Green was featured in People Style Online – who asked if Gelatin Gummy Vitamins from the likes of Olly, VitaFusion and HUM Nutrition are good for you or not – and if they have benefits for ones hair growth too.

“It’s not that gummy vitamins aren’t safe”, says dermatologist Michele Green, MD, but she cautions users to be aware of each brand’s serving size — and to follow it closely. “There is a risk of overconsumption because of their candy-like taste,” Green tells PeopleStyle. “People tend to take more than the recommended dose.”

But do these sweet treats promote hair growth? Yes. “They will make your hair grow stronger and thicker, while new hair growth may appear to have more luster, shine and ‘health.’” And that hair growth usually takes about three to four weeks to surface, she says.

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