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AEDIT Talks to Dr. Green About the Perils of Doctor Hopping

When it comes to how we look and the treatment we get from dermatologists and cosmetic providers, we may have an idea of what we want to get from a particular cosmetic treatment, but are they achievable? This can be a problem where an individual is looking for better results, so they switch beauty provider, hoping that the new practitioner can make a difference. Often this is not the case and the patient is left disillusioned. If you’re not happy with your doctor then of course you should consider changing doctors but repeatedly switching can lead to a range of problems and endless disappointment.

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AEDIT have talked to Dr. Green about the perils of “Doctor hopping” and you can find out why she thinks it is a bad idea in their article. You can read the full post, “Why Doctor Hopping Is A Major No-No

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