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Laser Hair Removal has increased in popularity year on year, but it’s not just women looking to get the procedure done. According to a poll in Men’s Health magazine last year, 33% of men admitted to trimming leg hair and many men frequently shave back hair too. In recent years, Dr. Michele S. Green has seen more and more men book appointments at her office for laser hair removal, often for the back area but in some cases for the chest, buttocks, eyebrow area and more.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Dr. Green offers several options for laser hair removal treatments to make sure you’re getting the right solution to meet your appearance goals. These include GentleLase® for Light Skin which removes hair while cooling the skin simultaneously to increase comfort and GentleYAG® for Dark Skin – which works on darker skin types.

And the best part is that the procedure sessions take approximately 30 minutes, which is very similar to time one might spend doing a shave or wax equivalent, but a lot more comfortable!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

When you schedule an appointment, your skin type will be matched to the appropriate laser hair removal procedure.

Are there any risks from Laser hair removal?

Many clinics are not fully cautious with this procedure and risk burning the patient. This is why it is important to find a board certified dermatologist, who will make the laser treatments safe and effective. Ideally, laser hair removal is done across several procedures, each about a month apart.

Common Locations for male hair removal

  • Back hair: This is by far the most popular one, getting more and more popular from men who have tried it out and bid adieu to waxing. Not only does it hurt less, but it can be done in under an hour!
  • Chest hair: Many men (and their significant others) prefer a smooth hairless chest, or in some cases just a reduction of chest hair overall.
  • Abdominal / Stomach area: Stomach hair removal via laser hair procedures can be relatively easy and is often used not only to remove hair, but to trim certain areas and give the abs a bit more shape to them.
  • Eyebrow hair: Some men have turned to laser hair removal in order to get rid of the “unibrow” for example.

Dr. Green has also worked on various types of skin, including Asian, Latino & African American skin. She uses GentleLase for Light Skin and GentleYAG for darker skin tones to remove hair with no downtime and no pain. Find out more about laser hair removal for men by contacting Dr. Michele S. Green at 212 535 3088 or via our online form. We use the latest laser technology and provide treatments for both men and women in the NYC area.

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