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We have outlined the options for light / superficial chemical peels, along with medium depth chemical peels.Some patients may opt for Deep phenol peel options which are much stronger and are performed on rare occasions. The recovery period for these types of peels can take several weeks with side effects of significant swelling,redness and peeling. Phenol peels require anesthesia and can have more serious side effects. Patients with olive or darker skin types (type III skin type or darker) are not candidates for these types of peels since they run the risk of hypo- or hyperpigmentation.

Darker skin tones such as Hispanic, African-American or some Asian skin tones cannot be treated with lasers because of the risk of hyperpigmentation. Nor are they good candidates for these deeper chemical peels. In most cases, a light or medium depth peel is better tolerated and preferred for the majority of patients. Alternative options for Asian and darker skin include eMatrix treatments for acne and fine lines/wrinkles and combining lighter chemical peels with bleaching creams.

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