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Galderma “Mom Genes” Campaign For Mothers and Daughters Alike

Mothers and daughters often connect and discuss many key issues over their various stages of life, and nowhere is this more the case than with ones genetics, such as their similarities in appearance and in factors such as facial aging. To align with this, Galderma Mom Genes is a new campaign that aims to educate women about facial aging and by observing / learning about themselves from their mothers.

Based on the “Mother-Daughter Facial Aging Survey” of over a thousand women in the US, around two thirds of mothers and daughters frequently worry about facial aging and over three quarters of those surveyed report that they are aging in a similar way to their own mothers. A similar percentage showed interest in facial treatment at a healthcare specialist office knowing they could get natural results.

Dr. Michele Green’s office in NYC specializes in this and other dermal filler based treatments and can discuss all your options with you. Over time, cells shift and create a look of less volume in the skin. Bone loss also changes one’s facial structure, giving it a dryer look overall. And with modern technology focusing more and more on one’s appearance, whether from social media profiles to selfie photos, more and more women are interested in various facial procedures. The trend seems to cover a wide range of age groups too, in fact – a surprising 81% of mothers would support their daughter getting a facial treatment at a healthcare specialist’s office if she wanted one.



Before and After photo of Restylane Silk

Galderma has also recently announced Restylane Silk, the only FDA-approved filler made for subtle lip enhancements and smoothing out wrinkles around the mouth.

It creates a natural looking result, with precise lip shaping and a natural looking smile. This dermal injection is specific for the area around the mouth, and the injection can take just a few days to recover from.

To find out more about Galderma & Restylane Silk, along with other Galderma brand treatments such as Restylane, Dysport and Sculptra, contact Dr Green and make an appointment today.

You can also find out more info about the Gelderma Mom Genes campaign and even upload a mother and daughter photo at in order to potentially win various prizes.

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