Fox NY asks Michele Green MD how Youthful Looks Are Kept

    Fox NY interviews Dr. Michele S. Green about what causes some people to look like they’re in their 20’s still, despite being in their 40’s, such as Hollywood actress Halle Berry. A new study from Harvard University found there’s a young gene: 20 percent of African Americans have it, and only about 10 percent of whites.

    In the interview she points out that genetics are important but so are environmental factors. Quote: “Some people just are younger looking, some people are smarter, some people are more beautiful, and some people have better skin, so I am not surprised there is a gene that regulates that as well” and “I don’t think this gives someone Carte Blanche to go bake in the sun and abuse their skin, lie out in the sun or smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, all those things affect the skin dramatically.”

    View the clip on the Fox NY News Website where they ask people about the “Young gene” –