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Cosmetic Dermatology Trends in 2019

The holiday festivities have come to an end for another year. So, as we start 2020 it is time for our annual roundup of the most popular treatments of 2019. We’ll also provide our predictions for what dermatology treatments are going to be popular as we head into 2020 and a new decade.

Each year we review our own data along with some supporting statistics from companies such as Google Trends. Based on this data, our predictions for 2019 were that PRP would continue to grow in popularity. We also expected that CoolSculpting would continue to be a more well known option for female and male patients too, as more options such as CoolMini became available.

We also expected treatments such as chemical peels to fall in popularity due to two key factors. The first is the longer length of downtime associated with chemical peels and the second was due to an industry shift towards treatments and procedures that involved HA (Hyaluronic acid) and injectables in general. In 2019 this trend has continued, and Chemical Peels remain outside the Top 10.

Overall, many of the Top 10 from 2018 remained in the Top 10 in 2019 too. PRP hair treatment remained in first place, and this also reflected a rise in popularity for female hair restoration. Some of the other treatments have shifted their position in the top 10. CoolSculpting for instance has moved from fourth place to second.

The Top 10 Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments in 2019

Our most popular treatments of the year were as follows:

  1. PRP hair treatment restoration
  2. CoolSculpting
  3. Acne scar treatment
  4. Thermage
  5. Kybella
  6. Botox, particularly “Non-surgical Jaw Reduction”
  7. Post laser hyperpigmentation & Cosmelan
  8. Microdermabrasion
  9. Juvederm
  10. Tear trough fillers

One of the most interesting changes last year was that Kybella made it back into the Top 10. Kybella was always a popular treatment, but in 2017 and 2018 we saw that the general interest in Kybella had fallen a little. However, in 2019 (particularly late in the year, perhaps due to more TV ads and press) it seems as though interest in Kybella has improved (also reflected on our Google Trends chart below), and with a few other treatments becoming less popular, it has enabled Kybella to return to our Top 10. 

Microdermabrasion has also made it into the Top 10 this year. Over the last five years this treatment has become more popular each year. One of the reasons for the popularity of microdermabrasion is that it is a ‘feel good’ treatment. This means that when a patient undergoes microdermabrasion, they can see instant results which can give them a boost. In addition to this, due to the relatively low cost, often individuals are adopting microdermabrasion into their regular skin care routine too, which fuels its popularity.

Juvederm and tear trough fillers are also in the Top 10 for 2019. Injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are always a popular option with patients, we have also noticed that small, touch up procedures are popular such as tear trough fillers. This type of procedure isn’t designed to make a dramatic impact on one’s appearance, but instead, provide a general, small improvement to a specific area. Since dermal fillers are relatively cost effective as a treatment and are temporary, we see more people interested in trying them.

Treatments that are becoming less popular in 2019

Laser tattoo removal was in the Top 10 last year but has fallen in popularity this year and hasn’t made it into the list. We noticed last year that the trend for laser tattoo removal had been falling year on year and this trend has continued.

Skin lightening was just outside of the top 10 this year, although does still generate some interest. Generally, the trend for skin lightening has fallen in 2019 when compared to previous years. Restylane also experience a decline overall in search queries.

Our Predictions for 2020

Across 2020 we expect that dermal fillers continue to be popular as new fillers come to the market that can tackle a wide range of different requirements from tear trough fillers to the non-surgical ‘face lift’.

PRP for hair loss may be in for an interesting year. More and more news about PRP and hair loss, especially for female patients already in 2020 so far, while in the latter months of 2019, Sculptra started to make a come back, partially due to its association with butt lifts.

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