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Cosmetic Dermatology Trends of 2015 and 2016

With Cosmetic Dermatology becoming more and more popular, it is also becoming more competitive online too. As a result, we did some research into what the trends were both for our own site and in the market as a whole.

The top 10 treatments based on visits on our site in 2015 were as follows:

Acne Treatment
Dermal Fillers
Asian Skin Treatments
Scars & Stretch Marks
Chemical Peels

However, we wanted to look beyond that and so we looked into data from Google over the past two years, across hundreds of dermatology keywords, in order to spot various trends in the market – and give an idea of what trends to look out for in 2016. When comparing the past two years of data, here were some stand outs that we discovered.

The term “Dermatology” by itself overall has increased by 22% in queries during the last 12 months versus the year prior, while “cosmetic dermatology” experienced a 24% increase. In addition to that, any term with laser in it, such as “laser skin treatments”, “laser dermatology”, etc, experienced up to a 50% growth year on year based on the average query level per month.

Other big improvements were in “hair loss” terms, especially female variations. And as expected, “CoolSculpting” had a big year, with keywords such as “Cool Sculpting, Zeltiq CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, CoolSculpting, what is coolsculpting” and many other variations, all increasing by about 20-25% year on year.

Other increases included – “Xeomin” & “Dysport” (in some cases moving ahead of Botox terms), Dermal Fillers (and dermal filter types like “radiesse”), Acne Treatment, eMatrix and non-surgical facelift terms also experienced increases.

On the other hand, terms that lost keyword traffic in the market in 2015 included various “Botox” terms (though at over 60k queries a month in Google’s keyword tool, still a big category), along with some “Thermage” terms, “Cosmelan” also experienced a decrease in queries (down by 23%), while terms like Restylane, Melasma, Perlane were relatively stagnant in 2015. The biggest decreases were on “cellulite” terms, such as “cellulite treatment” which decreased by 70% versus 2014 totals. The only cellulite term that improved was “cellulite removal”.


As shown in the chart above – query data for CoolSculpting shows a peak in traffic right before the summer months, such as in June 2015. While the chart below shows improvements in “laser hair removal” terms, along with “tattoo removal” – though neither were as big as the CoolSculpting increase in 2015.



So what might be the CoolSculpting equivalent and the big dermatology trend of 2016? According to Dr. Green, some things that have been on the increase among people seeking dermatological treatments in NYC include treatments for double chins such as “Kybella” injections and “Cool Mini” (which is similar to CoolSculpting), along with Voluma for liquid facelift and facial contouring, Aquagold micro needling for skin tightening and wrinkles on face, neck, and décolletage.

We also expect eMatrix laser’s special eye tip for removing fine lines and tightening skin around the eyes to continue to gain in popularity in 2016 like it did in 2015.

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