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CoolSculpt Your Body For Summer

Special offer: Free CoolSculpting consultation if you have a CoolSculpting procedure performed. Offer valid for new patients only.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.

You’ve been working on your beach body ever since you made your New Year’s resolution and it’s time for your debut. But, no matter how many reps, laps or down dogs you’ve logged on your FitBit, there are still there are still those “trouble” areas that refuse to cooperate. There is no need to panic; CoolSculpting could be the answer to reducing those unwanted bulges.

With no preparation ahead of time and no downtime after the procedure, CoolSculpting is a quick, easy, and painless non-surgical procedure which allows you to immediately return to your everyday activities. The results of Coolsculpting can begin to take effect within weeks of your treatment and full results can be seen after four months. At the office of Dr. Michele Green we have been doing CoolSculpting for over eight years with great results, Dr. Green is also CoolSculpting certified with the latest and most advanced applicators including the CoolMini.

This simple procedure “freezes” fat cells which are later absorbed by your body and reduced, leaving you with a thinner, slimmer look. So after all your hard work you can Coolsculpt almost any area to fine tune your look for all of your summer pool parties. CoolSculpting is a great solution for those stubborn love handles, sagging chins and flabby arms, although the procedure can be performed almost anywhere you have extra unwanted fat.

In some cases, after 1 month you will notice a subtle difference. After the second month you may notice that the bulge is going down in the area treated. By the third month you may notice inches or size difference. By the fourth month, you will see the full effect of the bulge being diminished by up to 25 percent in the area treated.

There are several new technological advances in CoolSculpting treatments. The CoolMini device targets the fat under the chin to treat your “double chin” in only 45 minutes without any discomfort or recovery time. The new CoolPetite takes about the same length of time to treat fat cells in the abdomen and flank areas. The latest advance is the new CoolAdvantage applicator which can achieve maximum coverage in only 35 minutes. With 3 new applicators – the CoolFit, which is great for vertical areas such as the inner thigh, CoolCore, which best follows the contours of the abdomen and CoolCurve which is ideal for the flanks – we can customize a treatment protocol for you.

One of the most popular areas for Coolsculpting for the Summer are the thighs. Both the inner and outer thighs as well as the knees can be targeted to reduce those unwanted bulges. When you combine CoolSculpting with healthier eating habits and lifestyle you will have the best results from your procedure and maintain these positive results.

So, if you’re ready to be “Cool” for the summer, be sure to make a date to Coolsculpt your beach body today for Summer in Dr. Green’s NYC private Upper East Side office. Call 212 535 3088 or contact us online today.

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