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Dr. Michele Green takes a closer look at various dermatology treatments. For instance, you can find out how Thermage works, details about laser skin treatments such as Fraxel, or info on what CoolSculpting is, all via our blog and get information from one of the best dermatologists in New York City.1

Does CoolSculpting Work on Buttock Area?

Q: Does Coolsculpting Work on Buttock Area? A: Coolsculpting is a fantastic procedure and works very well on the buttock area. It takes a total of two hours to treat the buttocks – one hour for each side. It especially works well if the buttock area is sagging when combined with Thermage. An in office…

Can I Get CoolSculpting After Tummy Tuck?

Q: Can I Get Coolsculpting After Tummy Tuck? I recently had a tummy tuck (7 weeks ago) but I have been left with an overhang in the front portion of my lower abdodomen that bulges past my incision. Obviously there is still swelling, but there appears to be excess fat and perhaps remaining loose skin…

What Are The Long-Term Effects of CoolSculpting?

Q: What are the long-term effects of Coolsculpting? I’m seriously considering getting Coolsculpting done on my love handles and stomach. I’ve read up on it, but can someone explain to me why it only damages the fat cells and nothing else? And also, does it ever come out “lumpy?” I’m worried about long-term side effects….

Whats Better, Coolsculpting or Ultrashape?

Q: Coolsculpting versus Ultrashape? I have been considering coolsculpting but keep reading reviews that say they don’t see much of a result and there is a lot of pain and down time. I came across ultrashape. Would that yield better results? Considering outer and inner thighs, as well as lower abs and muffin tops. A:…

Does Zeltiq Coolsculpting Work on Bra Bulge?

Q: Does Zeltiq Coolsculpting Work on Bra Bulge A: Zeltiq Coolsculpting works great on back fat and bra bulge. Many women complain about the fat areas on the back and the bra area. Zeltiq works extremely well on these areas of fat on the back, as well as the flanks and abdomen. A proper consultation…

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