Best Doctor in New York for Fraxel laser

Who is the best doctor for Fraxel procedures?


Dr. Michele Green who has been using the Fraxel laser for years and has been nominated as one of the best doctors in New York by Castle Connolly and New York Magazine says it is too things.  First and foremost you want a “doctor who cares” and secondly you want someone with many years of experience with both lasers and dermatology and who understands skin.  Dr. Green told me “that there are no bad lasers just the wrong uses for them”.  In other words, proper patient selection is most important when choosing the correct treatment.  Dr. Green loves Fraxel but she warns that it is “not for every skin type”. 

Dr. Michele Green has been an expert in New York City in Fraxel Dual also. The beauty of the Fraxel Dual is that it can treat sun spots and brown discoloration from the sun with virtually no down time.  Dr. Green is also an expert in acne scar treatment and utilizes a combination of lasers such as the Fraxel for treating scars with minimal down time.

The best time to receive these treatments is during the winter when there is no sun.  To schedule a consultation with Dr. Green call the office today at 212 535-3088!


Fraxel Laser before and after photos

Fraxel Before and After  (1)

*Disclaimer: Results may vary with each patient.